Tapped and brewed on site from our 3,200 maple trees. 



The darker the syrup, the sweeter the taste.  We make several grades of syrup:

  • Very light
  • Light
  • Medium (our most popular variety)
  • Amber
  • Dark

About maple syrup classification

Sizes and prices

All of our syrup comes in glass jars:

  • 50mL - $3
  • 250mL - $8
  • 500mL - $12
  • 1L - $20
  • 1 gallon - $60

How to buy

Visit us at the lodge or call us to arrange a pickup: 519-654-7078 or 519-623-3367.


We supply walnut, ash, maple, red and white oak, basswood, and cherry wood.


We saw and cut to your specifications.

How to order

Call us at 519-654-7078 to discuss your lumber needs.